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  • sleeping beauty…. 1966 Mercedes 600

    Posted on May 10, 2018 by in Uncategorized

    Fifty years ago a small town doctor went out to find a sports Mercedes for his wife. Instead, he and his son came home with a special short wheel base Mercedes limousine, the 600 swb. Mercedes built them for 20 years in this size and in extended limousine Pullman models for heads of state around the world. Only 2700 were built in total over the entire span of years. Mercedes had engineered this car to be the finest technology of any car.
    The doctor passed away in the early 1980’s and on the day of his funeral, his son pulled the car into the garage after the funeral and sealed up the door. It then sat there untouched until the house was put up for sale in early 2018.
    The garage backed up to an alley, and now there are fences lining the alley…..fences that were not there 34 years ago. With the combination of a tiny garage, a narrow alley, and a heavy Mercedes with no air in the suspension system, the extraction was quite a feat. We gathered up six able bodied men (well, not exactly!), four gojacks, and a flatbed truck driver who used his pulleys to help get it out at the right angle.